ADMIN NOTE: I made this blog with the idea that this fictional character owns it. These descriptions are not in character in case some outsider wanders onto my site and gets confused (and also because I can't be bothered to try and think how to write it lol) :)

About Senku Ishigami

Senku Ishigami full body transparent image (anime)

Senku Ishigami is a fictional character belonging to the animanga series Dr. Stone. Since he was little, he has found himself astonished by the world of science. With support from his father, he started researching, building, and experimenting with things. Eventually, all the knowledge he gained would be of great use, as the world as we know it is stopped in its tracks and Senku must find a way to bring it back.

Senku has several catchphrases associated with him, including "ten billion percent", "not one millimeter", and "Get excited!" Depending on the translation, his laugh shows up as "kukuku". You may see some of these speech quirks used throughout the site, since he's the one writing these posts. :p

On another note, fans of the series often compare Senku's hair to vegetables. Different names include celery, asparagus, and pak choi, among others.

About Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone volume 1 manga cover

Dr. Stone is a popular animanga series written by Riichiro Inagaki and illustrated by Boichi. Though its genre is fantasy, it also contains real snippets of science used to advance the series. The manga ran from March 2017 through March 2022.

The story begins about 3700 years into the future, after humanity experiences a worldwide petrification event. As everyone turned to stone, most people would fall unconscious after a while. However, a genius science-loving kid named Senku Ishigami stayed awake for all that time, counting every single second that passed. Eventually he breaks free from the petrification and begins a quest to save all of humanity.

As of writing (2023-08-05), cour one of the anime's third season has been released. It will continue with its second cour sometime in October. The anime has caught up to about halfway through the manga.

About the Admin

Hello!!! Hi!!! I'm Telomere, an Indonesian kid with a huge interest in science (especially biochemistry, immunology, and molecular biology). I also do art and post on several different platforms.

I actually created this blog on impulse. The Twitter account this site originated from wasn't getting much traction, and I didn't really want it to be another forgotten account I had. At some point I thought, hey, why not put my web dev knowledge to actual use AND talk about my (and my character's) interests? It's not like I know how to use my coding skills for anything else anyway. *cries*

Fun fact, telomeres are an actual thing: they're repetitive regions of DNA at the end of chromosomes. You can read about it on the Wikipedia page. Anyways, I hope you enjoy my neocities shenanigans >:)